Rabu, 26 April 2017

Agent: Keita Signed To AC Milan Squad

Lazio winger Keita gene Balde Diao foster sound surrounding the issue of the move of its clients to AC Milan at the end of a season later. The agent denied emphatically that news, in which he mentions the issue is merely a bouquet of media only.

The name Keita Balde central discussion material in Serie A in the last week. A 22-year-old winger was scored hattrcik in just 5 minutes when Lazio confronted with Palermo last weekend.

Spectacular performance Keita makes media Italy associate it with a number of top European clubs. One of them is called AC Milan interested in bringing the player in the summer.

But the Agency flatly denied such issues, because he thinks the issue is merely a hoax. "At the moment there is no agreement and any meeting with them [AC Milan Squad]," said Roberto Calenda on his personal twitter account.

"The news that [Issue Keita to Milan] is just another bouquet of media after Keita scored a hattrick. Hattrick was the only thing that is real here, is not the issue. "the player's agent is demolished.

Keita himself already performed 27 times for Lazio in Serie A this season. He recorded 11 goals scored for the Club of origin capital of Italy.

Selasa, 14 Maret 2017

Manchester United Performance Almost same With Chelsea

Michael Carrick believes that Manchester United's performance lately began to improve almost equalling Chelsea said. Nevertheless, MU is still linked to points far enough away from The Blues because of the many results of the draw at Old Trafford.

Up to now, Chelsea is still firmly at the top of the Premier League standings with a total of 66 points. Meanwhile, MU left behind in the ranking of six with a distance of 17 points from Chelsea.

However, MU is quite impressive play lately. Since the defeat of Chelsea 4-0 in October last year, MU unbeaten in League games and losing only twice in all competitions.

"We only experience one defeat since losing to Chelsea [in the Premier League in October] that means we play good. They have recorded a great rate so you have to give respect for what they have done. Not easy in a League like this record rate like this, "said Carrick when Manchester United players salaries face Chelsea match will be undergoing in the quarter finals of the FA Cup on Tuesday (2/3), at Stamford Bridge.

"We are indeed in a good pace but we got a lot of draw in cages that inhibit us. We are getting closer but you have to respect them, they are a great team and practicing well, "sambungnya.

As for the match while undergoing face Chelsea early Sunday, MU back to swallow the defeat. N'Golo Kanté became the only goals scored to beat Manchester United by a score of 1-0.

The touchdown occurred in 51 minutes with long distance shots. And goals from this distance becomes the 13th for Chelsea at the same time affirming the hosts team Antonio Conte as the team's most dangerous experiment with distance away. In fact, there is no United Kingdom team this season over Chelsea in scoring distance.

Selasa, 21 Februari 2017

Southampton Defender Barcelona Squad plans back in.

Barcelona called insert name of Southampton Defender, Cedric Soares, in their shopping list for next summer.

Barca are still hard-pressed to find the right substitute Defender Dani Alves, who joined Juventus in last summer.
Sergi Roberto until now still not appear convincing and Aleix Vidal will be absent until the end of the season due to injury engkel, forced Barcelona to start looking for new players.

And a report by the Telegraph said that the team champion Spain has already started direct view on Cedric.

The same report mentioned that the Defender has already attracted the attention of Barcelona when he defended the team's Fernando Santos, Portugal, who became the champion of Euro 2016.

Pemai 25 year old got high marks from the Spain team co-discoverer, who believes the style of play is very suitable for Barcelona.

And great performance against Manchester United at Wembley in the League Cup final at the weekend can increasingly make Spain clubs are interested in him.

Own Barcelona Players Salaries reportedly have to offer no less than 15 million pound sterling to get Cedric. The players themselves are still bound to the contract at St Mary's until 2020.

The former Barcelona captain Carles Puyol,, has recently been admitted is convinced that his old team has the ability to bounce from bad situations recently approached the champion of Spain.

After losing 0-4 from PSG in the UEFA Champions League, Barca are indeed able to win 2-1 over Leganes. However, the Catalan team play less convincing in that game and they got the jeers from the audience almost in all 90 minutes.

In addition, the team's locker room was also influenced by issues regarding the departure of Luis Enrique, who reportedly has not won the trust of management and also the players.

But in spite of the negative aura that exists in the current Barca, Barca's sure his team would rise quickly.

Kamis, 16 Februari 2017

Replace Pepe, Madrid Otamendi Lyrics

Real Madrid central defender Manchester City target, Nicolas Otamendi, to replace Pepe.

Not long ago TyC Sports Argentina player said that it was the middle of the entry in the European champion team's radar. Pepe's own contract expires in June and he claimed it will not extend the agreement with capital team.

The last situation shows that over the last 10 years the uniformed Los Blancos, Pepe will leave from the Bernabeu to melakoni a new adventure in China along with China's Hebei Fortune, which is taken care of by Manuel Pellegrini and gets paid 15 million euros per year.

Real Madrid any immediate move to find a replacement for their doorstop. Besides the Otamendi, the Club is also planning to call their young players, Jesus Vallejo, who is now on loan at Eintracht Frankfurt.

Otamendi itself already had entered in the Madrid agenda in the summer of 2015, when he played in Valencia. But he finally chose joined Manchester City Player Salaries, where he played a total of 77 matches.

Manchester City Defender Nicolas Otamendi admitted that victory over Barcelona can raise the morale of his comrades. However, he reminded so that City do not fall asleep with a remarkable victory.

The Citizens managed to beat Barcelona by a score of 3-1 away at Etihad Stadium. Thus, the City successfully countered the defeat 0-4 at the first meeting at the Camp Nou.

"It gives you a boost as players and as a team to beat them but it could be for nothing if we don't get good results in the next Champions League match," said Club official website Otamendi.

"For us it is important to win. Always positive to beat a team like Barca, but performance can change all the time. For us it was a big step but we now must continue to maintain this level. "

The city's own next will face Middlesbrough in the Premier League continued this evening.

Rabu, 08 Februari 2017

Bayern Munchen Squad : Search Suksesor Lahm, Munich Snap Young Defender Leverkusen

Bayern Munchen Squad - The full-back's flagship while Bayern Munich Captain Philipp Lahm is rumored to designate a hanging shoe aka retired from professional soccer at the end of this season.

Is a well-known media Germany, Bild was first breathed this rumor. This rumour turned to what had pronounced Lahm reserved retired some time ago.

When it was Lahm insists that he will finish his contract in Bavaria that ends the summer 2018. But now Bild proclaims the 33 years that players would retire sooner.

Not only that, Lahm who has just undergone laga ke-500 along with Bavaria weekend yesterday reportedly also rejected an offer from the management of Die Roten to fill the post of Director of the Club.

Lahm himself retired from the national team in Germany after the title of the World Cup 2014 and then where then Lahm led Die Mannschaft won their fourth championship.

Bundesliga giant Bayern Munich moved quickly to find a replacement for Philipp Lahm. The Bavaria reportedly will be aiming for the young Defender Bayer Leverkusen, Benjamin Henrichs to be suksesor Lahm on summer stock to come..

See : Bayern München Squad

As already known, at the beginning of the week yesterday Phillip Lahm announced it will end the period was marred in the Allianz Arena. The former captain of the national team in Germany decided to retire from soccer at the end of a season later after a 15-year career at Bayern Munich.

Lahm's decision to retire makes the whole element of Bayern Munich's shock, considering he was still bound by the contract until the year 2018. For that The Bavarian directly moved quickly to seek suksesor Lahm in their defensive line.

According to the report reported by Bild, Bavarian stronghold already found a replacement for Lahm. They reportedly want to hijack their rivals Bayer Leverkusen to bring young Defender Benjamin Henrichs.

But this certainly is not a Munich venture will run with ease. Because this is a 19-year Defender important player in Leverkusen, so the kubuy kubu Werkself won't take it off to their rival teams in the Bundesliga.

In addition own Henrichs also identified many of the top European clubs lately. Two of the team's most intense desires his services is the Manchetser United and Arsenal.

Senin, 30 Januari 2017

Good to see Barca Atletico in the Copa Del Rey Semifinals

Atletico Madrid - A fierce party will take place in the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey after Barcelona certainly meets Atletico Madrid. Barcelona's status as defending champion in the event. In the first leg semi-final of the party later, they will be first on a trip to the Vicente Calderon on February 1. A week later it was the turn of Atletico who played at Camp Nou.

Meanwhile the other semi-final pits party between Celta Vigo against Alaves. Celta, which in previous major round of Real Madrid, will act as the host in the first leg.

Back to the party between Atletico vs. Barcelona, there was a positive note for the troops of Diego Simeone. Los Rojiblancos managed to beat Barcelona at their previous two meetings in the semi-finals of the Copa. One of them in the 1999-2000 season with a 6-0 aggregate.

Versatile midfielder of Barcelona, Sergi Roberto, confessed to his colleagues thus felt happy after know they reunited with Atletico Madrid in the Copa Del Rey semifinals.

In the first leg semi-final of the party later, Cristiano Ronaldo cs will first visit to the Vicente Calderon on February 1. Atletico Madrid Squad A week later it was the turn of Antoine Griezmann dkk who play at Camp Nou.

The duel is recognized by Sergi will take place is fierce and tough. But he insisted that the Barca squad had the pleasure of facing the duel.

"We face the Atleti again. We know they are very very good. This will be a very difficult match, their opponents are always like that, "said the 24 year old quarterback like Soccerway offered.

"We are very pleased. The smallest things can make the difference in this type of game like this. Will be important to be able to print the away goals because we played their opponents used to be in the cage, "she cried.

Jumat, 20 Januari 2017

Lionel Messi are happy with Barcelona Contract Deals

Barcelona Squad Players - Lionel Messi called ready to tie up a new contract with Barcelona. The report has recently been lowered by the Sport say that Argentina's players are happy with the proposal presented by the Catalan team, although yesterday had circulated a report that says otherwise.

Messi's father who also acts as his agent, Jorge, not long ago even had stated: "theThreat of the possibility of Leo gone? There's no direction there at all ... "

And mentioned that the final offer submitted by the Barcelona is in compliance withthe request of Real Madrid and there is confidence the players Argentina will affix his signature on a new contract before January ends.

This contract also is expected to make real Madrid ensured Barcelona's retirement up to his career as a professional player was over.

Messi himself now has a valid contract to 2018 and emerging issue as Manchester City, who wanted to buy it with capital amounting to 115 million pounds.

Director of Barcelona, Robert Fernandez, recently gave his opinion on speculation circulating about the future of their star, Lionel Messi.

Real Madrid and Barcelona still have not reached a new contract problem agree, though contracts La Pulga who now lives the remaining 18 months longer. It thus fishing the various rumors, one being a Manchester City reportedly already preparing funding 115 million pounds to buy the Argentina Barcelona Squad players.

But Fernandez denied all doin it and stated that the Madrid Middle feel happy at Barcelona and did not plan to leave the Camp Nou.

Minggu, 08 Januari 2017

Pogba and Ibrahimovic Prepared opponents Manchester United vs Hull City

Pogba and Ibrahimovic Prepared opponents Hull City - Jose Mourinho had a special reason why not play Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the game against Reading. Apparently, coach of Manchester United is intentionally save energy these two players.

Mourinho did not play Pogba and Ibrahimovic that both of these players fit for the game against Hull City on Wednesday (15/1) future. This game is a Cup EFL semifinals, a match that was important enough for Manchester United of course.

"I will play the players who did not appear in the game against Reading [against Hull]," Manchester United Squad Mourinho open.

In addition to Pogba and Ibrahimovic, the Portuguese coach will also play Ander Hererra and Antonio Valencia against Hull City.

"In that game, we will play with the players fit. So it's easy to know our team, Zlatan, Pogba, [Ander] Herrera, [Antonio] Valencia. Players who do not play on Saturday," he continued.

Although without the two star players, MU successfully beat Reading and advanced to the next round of the FA Cup. United won 4-0. Manchester Squad Players 2017 Two goals contributed by Marcus Rashford, while the other two goals divided by Wayne Rooney and Anthony Martial.