Selasa, 14 Maret 2017

Manchester United Performance Almost same With Chelsea

Michael Carrick believes that Manchester United's performance lately began to improve almost equalling Chelsea said. Nevertheless, MU is still linked to points far enough away from The Blues because of the many results of the draw at Old Trafford.

Up to now, Chelsea is still firmly at the top of the Premier League standings with a total of 66 points. Meanwhile, MU left behind in the ranking of six with a distance of 17 points from Chelsea.

However, MU is quite impressive play lately. Since the defeat of Chelsea 4-0 in October last year, MU unbeaten in League games and losing only twice in all competitions.

"We only experience one defeat since losing to Chelsea [in the Premier League in October] that means we play good. They have recorded a great rate so you have to give respect for what they have done. Not easy in a League like this record rate like this, "said Carrick when Manchester United players salaries face Chelsea match will be undergoing in the quarter finals of the FA Cup on Tuesday (2/3), at Stamford Bridge.

"We are indeed in a good pace but we got a lot of draw in cages that inhibit us. We are getting closer but you have to respect them, they are a great team and practicing well, "sambungnya.

As for the match while undergoing face Chelsea early Sunday, MU back to swallow the defeat. N'Golo Kanté became the only goals scored to beat Manchester United by a score of 1-0.

The touchdown occurred in 51 minutes with long distance shots. And goals from this distance becomes the 13th for Chelsea at the same time affirming the hosts team Antonio Conte as the team's most dangerous experiment with distance away. In fact, there is no United Kingdom team this season over Chelsea in scoring distance.