Jumat, 20 Januari 2017

Lionel Messi are happy with Barcelona Contract Deals

Barcelona Squad Players - Lionel Messi called ready to tie up a new contract with Barcelona. The report has recently been lowered by the Sport say that Argentina's players are happy with the proposal presented by the Catalan team, although yesterday had circulated a report that says otherwise.

Messi's father who also acts as his agent, Jorge, not long ago even had stated: "theThreat of the possibility of Leo gone? There's no direction there at all ... "

And mentioned that the final offer submitted by the Barcelona is in compliance withthe request of Real Madrid and there is confidence the players Argentina will affix his signature on a new contract before January ends.

This contract also is expected to make real Madrid ensured Barcelona's retirement up to his career as a professional player was over.

Messi himself now has a valid contract to 2018 and emerging issue as Manchester City, who wanted to buy it with capital amounting to 115 million pounds.

Director of Barcelona, Robert Fernandez, recently gave his opinion on speculation circulating about the future of their star, Lionel Messi.

Real Madrid and Barcelona still have not reached a new contract problem agree, though contracts La Pulga who now lives the remaining 18 months longer. It thus fishing the various rumors, one being a Manchester City reportedly already preparing funding 115 million pounds to buy the Argentina Barcelona Squad players.

But Fernandez denied all doin it and stated that the Madrid Middle feel happy at Barcelona and did not plan to leave the Camp Nou.

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