Rabu, 26 April 2017

Agent: Keita Signed To AC Milan Squad

Lazio winger Keita gene Balde Diao foster sound surrounding the issue of the move of its clients to AC Milan at the end of a season later. The agent denied emphatically that news, in which he mentions the issue is merely a bouquet of media only.

The name Keita Balde central discussion material in Serie A in the last week. A 22-year-old winger was scored hattrcik in just 5 minutes when Lazio confronted with Palermo last weekend.

Spectacular performance Keita makes media Italy associate it with a number of top European clubs. One of them is called AC Milan interested in bringing the player in the summer.

But the Agency flatly denied such issues, because he thinks the issue is merely a hoax. "At the moment there is no agreement and any meeting with them [AC Milan Squad]," said Roberto Calenda on his personal twitter account.

"The news that [Issue Keita to Milan] is just another bouquet of media after Keita scored a hattrick. Hattrick was the only thing that is real here, is not the issue. "the player's agent is demolished.

Keita himself already performed 27 times for Lazio in Serie A this season. He recorded 11 goals scored for the Club of origin capital of Italy.

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